21 February 2021

Behind the perfect mask: what expert think of the lack in competent figures in textile companies

It goes without saying that a purposeful work requires awareness and knowledge. Aiming to this goal aid experts: “specialists about or skillful in a particular area”. The latter “should” be considered as the main source for a growing sector. Instead, at least Textile wise, it often happens that companies prefer relying in non-skilled, low-cost “manager” able to build the perfect priciest mask upon the worst products. A specific parallel and consequential question that we often pose ourselves is “why spending money in building the perfect façade when all you should do is build a valuable product?” If you want to eat an incredible Pizza, would you rather go to the best but priciest Italian restaurant looking like your grandma’s house or go to the MOST beautiful-looking Japanese low-cost sushi place that also makes pizza?


Stated that hiring proficient individuals requires a wide money outlay and an appropriate investment, we recognize that the path does not seem to be the most appealing solution or perhaps what consumers currently “need”. Is it certainly accurate though?

To put into facts what just declared: in recent times, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers are seeking for a greener lifestyle. As a matter of fact, multinationals started hiring “experts” that could possibly build collection and publicities to promote sustainable capsule. Useless to say that even though it is unquestionably true that this initiative is extremely purposeful for reaching a healthier approach to the planet, it is also undeniably veritable that the initiative is aged before even being Introduced.


“Why?” you might wonder… well, what is the point in building an advantageous campaign when eventually there was no proper, nor deep research on which textile quality should be rather used to really build qualitative and long-lasting products? green textile seems to result just like another brick in the consumerism wall. The decline in fabric knowledge in both employees and suppliers was then compensate by the profitable situation: completely discharging the competence of crafters, favorizing low-cost bad-quality products and, of course, money expenditure the perfect mask behind which to hide the quality lack. The result is saturation and disappearance of qualitative materials, and skillful workers.


In any case we also want to address the fact that if consumers are striving now for environmentally friendly ethic, they are also looking for products their recall worth spending money on, not only for the longevity but also for the quality. Building low-cost, consumers-appealing products is a strategy funded by unskilled advertising minds that believe in “quantity over quality” and do not even have minimal ideas of what they are building campaigns for. (well-known names decided to hide the poorest quality behind the perfect high-price mask).


In addition, when processes start evolving wrong and difficulties come to the surface, fabric designer & technicians, the “experts”, are eventually engaged, hired to solve the problem, and be sooner or later kicked in their back once the solution is found.


Uncomfortable questions?

High competence overwhelming companies which lead to business difficulties?

Threat to the internal balance of workers?


Investing in fabric specialist to propose a very good quality product is a process requiring effort, commitment, research, constancy, and luck, always bearing in mind that it is not easy or obvious. With their knowledge, tireless curiosity in innovations and research, they can improve the production phases, propose innovative processes implementing the new collections, bonding new and more suitable suppliers or collaborators and, last but not least, transfer abilities with little experienced workers in the sector. They are a 360° synergy.


Hiring beyond the fear, forward thinking, and just as accepting that their abilities might be wider that the company’s owners, is the best path. Textile is more complicated than what it appears like, embodying a substance that must be appreciated by all the human senses, just as a piece of poetry, far from an exact scientific base.


Again: you want a go pizza? Go to an Italian restaurant, you want good classical music? Go listen to the Opera, you want to progress in fitness? Rely on a competent PT, YOU WANRT TO PROGRESS IN FAHION? HIRE SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP!!


If you decide to use their services have respect for it, because if you can trust it can be THE REAL ADDED VALUE to your company and in general, to your life.