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Textile Manufacture

What do we do

For each collaboration we can provide an analysis of fashion trends correlated and developed on the company product: Fashion color cards creations, yarn manufacturing research, Study of the client’s historical yarns.
We can additionally specifically work on:

Sample pieces

(We have an avant-garde CAD system that allows us to preview the work, in order to avoid errors in drawing, sizing, and coloring); we are hence able to cover the process from the initial idea to the warp;

Construction of selected items delivered together with the own complete tech and data sheets

(warp and weft, weave, yarn requirements and price lists);


We can advise on the specific type of finishing to be implied on the single article, which we recall being more appropriate, also, under requirement, following the whole process ourselves;

Special finishing

We have experience for special finishing such as prints, flocks, embroidery, quilts, coupled, resins, etc.

Sample pieces/Presentation

Unavoidably, the main goal, must deal with the will of the company to portray the efforts, the history and the investments and passion in their collection. Besides, the growing importance given to the role of the image requires a certain captivating approach, attention-grabbing and eye-catching. The goal is to shock positively the clients. So, we can suggest various presentations of the collection with strong image impact or make real finished garments with fabrics from the client’s collection on our or your modeling.


We recall worthwhile evaluating to build alongside the textile production, a proper packaging.

In the fashion world an important space has always been covered by accessories, defined as a “real added value” to a look.
Today “accessories” is an integral part of the fashion supply chain.
For years we have been operating with companies of the sector with enormous satisfaction and excellent results;

Analysis of fashion trends

In relation to the specific field to be considered (packaging, store, e-commerce);

Study of the historical yarns of the client

Search for any new yarns to inset


(We use our CAD system to display sizes, ratios, and colors);

Technical data sheets

(We provide complete technical data sheets for the successive weaving process in detail);


We direct and advise the customer towards the most suitable finishing for each individual item, and, if required, we follow the complete finishing cycle;


We are able to cover (through our third parts partners) the packaging process of the item. (Cutting, to labelling to bagging).

The importance of jersey from underwear to jackets, is today a fundamental point: Our services are based on a stylistic collaboration of image and product, dealing with the bond of your techniques and origins and our innovative ideas.

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Stefano Biagini

Stefano Biagini

Textile Stylist Designer

Studio Azzero

Textile Design
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