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After several years of collaborations, with Italian textile companies, we decided to take the path of overseas service. Over time we have gained experience in several textile groups, holding essential positions for every single company we’ve worked with and leading in managing and satisfying all the demands. Consequently, to our proficiencies developed yearly, we managed to both deep the knowledge concerning the world of production and project development, and to create a network of trustful professionals to assure maximum support in developing clients’ ideas.

We are, sure enough, in constant contact with various companies possessing collection with heterogeneous types of fabrics.

From raw materials to the finished garment, from synthetic to artificial, from plant-based to animal-based ones. Each idea to us is a challenge and every dare is a bet to win together. Our goal is to find the perfect synergy: we aim to create collections enhancing the soul of clients’ company.




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Stefano Biagini

Stefano Biagini

Textile Stylist Designer
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We aim to realize, together with you, avant-garde textile projects, according to your goals, through targeted strategies and analysis.
We offer innovative services aspiring to the success your future business.